How We Work

We remove uncertainty from the custom software development process

Our Process

Along with our in-house staff, Phase 3 has access to a pool of developers with a wide range of backgrounds, experience and expertise. We utilize the skills of our developer network to design and build software for a variety of platforms, employing an appropriate mix of technologies. Although most of our customers request development in the latest .NET technologies, we provide services around other languages and platforms as well.

Phase 3 is extremely flexible in its development approaches. We tailor our methodologies to the your requirements. Our company is headed by a licensed Software Engineer, and as such we realize that quality, cost and timeframe are of utmost importance. We do not do "development outsourcing"...meaning we do not just take your project and get a few foreign developers to throw it together. When we use external developers, they are based in North America, and are paid a competitive rate to help us out. This helps us attract the most talented people available.

We provide development services in a number of ways:

We take the project

We staff, manage and develop it for you, so the your company doesn't need to be in the business of software development. In cases like this, typically our customers will have a software system in mind, and specifications already decided upon. In that case we will analyze the requirements, determine which resources would be appropriate and come up with a cost/time estimate for the project. After agreement has been reached with the customer and a contract has been signed, we take on the responsibility of moving the project forward in the agreed-upon timeframe. If the customer does not have detailed requirements, we can assist in analysis and design as well. Customers see value in this because they don't need to make the investment in software development expertise within their company.

We provide developers to your project

If you would like to manage the project yourself, we can provide developers at an hourly rate to work either on-site with you or remotely. They take direction from you; in essence they are your developers for the time you need them. We provide development computers and software if needed. With this approach, customers get to maintain full control and use their in-house resources for management, business analysis, testing etc. Or if they need to fill those roles, we can help with that as well.

As well, we can mix and match the above to meet your needs...again, we're very flexible, and understand that everyone's needs are not the same.