Why Choose a Software Development Provider?


Purchasing technology services from a service provider such as Phase 3 can provide tremendous advantages for businesses of all sizes, in almost any industry. Today, many businesses engage technology partners to reduce costs, create better products, and increase revenue, while also getting ahead of the competition.

Being Responsive to Market Needs

Business conditions are constantly changing, and forming a relationship with a software development company is a great way for clients to stay agile. Businesses can hire providers to do exactly what they need, when they need it. When companies want to be able to change direction on a dime, and react to the latest market opportunities, they can accomplish their goals without being committed long-term as they might be when using internal resources. Some of the ways companies can gain by choosing a development company are:

  • No cost to attract, incentivize, and keep employees
  • No cost for holiday, medical or other leave
  • No cost to maintain a development team when there is no work to do
  • No cost for computers, development tool licenses or office space
  • No cost to continually train internal developers on the latest technologies and best practices
  • The company’s focus can remain on its core business
  • Expert knowledge on demand, as and when needed, for advice or implementation
  • Introduction of new technology and best practices into the organization

Domain Expertise

When businesses hire or partner with a software company, they can remove a large amount risk and expense from their list, around the software development process itself. Maintaining an internal software development team requires managerial and technical skills that are extremely specific. Most companies’ core business is not software development. It makes sense in a lot of cases to hire another company that specializes in exactly that, to complement their core business without having to spend on maintaining an internal organization around these skillsets.


When undertaking an evaluation of doing development with an external company versus building and/or maintaining an internal team, businesses should consider the value proposition put forth by software development companies - not just the bare cost. It is often difficult to think in terms of ‘value vs price’ when costing a project. It is tempting to take a proposal from an external company and compare the quote to the dollar number arrived at by adding up the hours that your internal team would need to complete the work. However, the value provided by a software development company goes far beyond that of just man-hours…and that is reflected in their proposals. Decisions concerning software development projects should be considered very carefully by organizations, and they must keep in mind a number of factors, only one of which is price. This is true both when comparing external development resources to internal teams, and when comparing external providers to one another. So, what is value when it comes to software development?

  • The specific development skills you need
    • This removes the need to train internally for new or different technologies
  • Technical leadership
    • This enables the client to get a project done without the need for a tech lead or architect in-house, if so desired. Technicalities like code reviews, testing, etc. can be looked after without having to dedicate internal resources.
  • Project management
    • Similar to the above, even if a formal PM is not required, the provider can look after project monitoring, organization, and developer engagement.
  • Requirements analysis
    • Companies that specialize in software development know how to translate business requirements into something that software developers can use to create great software.
  • Responsibility
    • You pay a provider for services and it is up to them to deliver. Service organizations thrive on their reputation. They have an impetus, and a responsibility, to drive projects to successful completion.

At Phase 3, ‘agile’ is one of our favourite words. Not only do we love to develop software using an agile approach, but to us the word also has a broader meaning. We love to help our clients become and remain agile businesses, both in their internal structure, and in how they meet business challenges in the marketplace.