Phase 3 Development


Need to find a partner for your software venture? We can help.


If you would like to partner with someone on a software venture, we can assist in finding the right company/individual to work with you.

Often, we are approached by customers who have a great idea for a software product, but may not have the financial resources to be able to fund the job directly. Phase 3 does consider partnering from time-to-time, but in the event that the proposal is not a direct fit for us, we can use our extensive connections in the industry to find suitable partners for our customers…yet another way we can enable great software to be produced that fits our clients’ specific situation and needs.

What do we mean when we talk about partnering? Essentially, partnering is a situation in which the customer with the idea does not wish to fund the project directly by paying someone to develop for them. A partner would develop software, usually in exchange for equity in the related venture/company or a share of profits from the resulting software. The are a number of ways this can be structured to fit both the customer’s and the partner’s goals.

Feel free to contact us about the possibilities…it may well be worth looking beyond the traditional pay-for-services model of software development!